clock May 10, 2012
author Chris Sopa

Be not afraid

Be not afraid of life.  Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create that fact.  If you want a quality life, act as if you already have it.” ~William James

I think you would all agree that we are in an age of information overload.  We can get whatever information we want in an instant.  We Google, read books, go to seminars, take on-line courses…you name it, we can get the information.  We definitely are not knowledge-lacking!  Knowledge is great; don’t get me wrong.  But knowledge is not where the power lies – you must APPLY your knowledge in order to honor its power.  Applying our knowledge or the guidance we receive is sometimes not as easy as it may seem.  We are taught and dictated by our logic, our psyche and our sight.  We think what we see must be the truth and if we act and do not get the results we expected the action must have been wrong.

The ability to generate action in your life comes from the solar plexus area of your physical body – that area right around your belly button.  What lies here is an energy center called a chakra (we have 7 main ones to make it simple).  A chakra is an energy center that dictates your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.  Each chakra focuses and helps with different areas of life.  Your “gut,” or solar plexus, aids in taking action.  This is the area where how you feel about yourself, your courage; your personal honor and your maturation in understanding yourself grow OR become jammed.  If you have ever experienced any issues such as colon or stomach problems, indigestion, liver, kidney or gallbladder issues; this energy center was more than likely blocked in learning one of those important lessons about self.

Today, take action around a goal you have even if it is doing something small.  Face the fear, trust your gut and where it is guiding you and do it IN SPITE OF THE FEAR!  That is courage!  Do not pay attention to the result but pay attention to the action and how you feel before and after you take the action.  If it feels right, go for it!  Many things feel right when we do them, then the result ends up being something that wasn’t what we expected or may have hurt us in some way, so then we make the assumption that the action was wrong and we are never going to follow our gut again.  Up goes the wall of protection and next time we do it logically and leave our heart and gut aside…even though down deep we know what we are really doing…giving into the fear.

Never doubt that every single outcome you receive is for your highest good.  Everything that happens, no matter if you define it as good or bad, makes us into who we are today and who we will be in the future.


A true follower of Jesus knows that God has many ways of bringing us home and never doubts the outcome.“  (So why should you…???)
~Paul Ferrini, “Love Without Conditions: Reflections of the Christ Mind”