Basic Guidelines for Giving Feedback

  • Clarity – Be clear about what you want to say.
  • Specific – Be specific in your comments; do not generalize.
  • Stay developmental – Comment only on those observable areas of performance that can be improved.
  • Focus – Be sure to focus on the behavior rather than the person.
  • Avoid generalizations – Do not use words such as “never,” “always,” “all,” “none,” etc.  in describing activities, behavior or performance.
  • Do not get personal – We all have “unique” personalities and quirks that may annoy others, but formal peer feedback is not the venue to air the concern.
  • Stay balanced – Effective peer feedback reinforces the positive performance and makes suggestions for improvement.
  • Refer to the competencies – There may be valuable information on specific feedback found in the employee competencies.  Review the competencies before the feedback.

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