Dr. Christine M. Sopa

On paper, I am an I/O Psychologist with 20 years of experience developing leaders, motivating employees, and paving the way to peak performance. I’ve traveled around the world, wrote a book, empowered women and men to break through their barriers, taught at a university, and run my own company. But that’s just the surface…

With a passion for inspiring human potential, I love helping people live in their highest potential with confidence and authenticity. Combining research and qualitative assessment with social and emotional intelligence, I coach and consult leaders to discover what’s holding them back, overcome fear and limiting beliefs, and tap into their higher self.

The key to my success is genuinely connecting with an audience and clients in a vulnerable, disarming way that quickly builds trust, creates light bulb moments, and ignites transformation. Reading a crowd and pinpointing exactly what they need, I use humor, personal stories, and feel the energy of the group, to spark insights and provide tools for lasting change.

As a woman who has been empowered and un-empowered in many situations in my life, I thrive on using my personal experiences to generate ideas for researching and writing about how we can overcome the obstacles that make us feel not worthy enough. I’m then propelled to identify what takes away our power and teach the solution to take it back.

With a proven track record of solving performance challenges and elevating executives and teams to massive success, I am known for my ability to tap into an individual’s unique potential to unveil their purpose, so they can make the bold choices needed to live the life they were born to live. I’m laid back and easy to work with, and I’m the best at what I uniquely do.

If you are looking for leadership development and a mindset expert who can help you or your organization push past limits to achieve breathtaking performance, empowerment, and impact, I will go beyond expectations to make that happen.

Chris has served on the Board of Directors for the Ronald McDonald House of Phoenix; the Blood Bank of Delmarva, where she served as Vice Chair; the Susquehanna Habitat for Humanity; the Cecil County Board of Education, which she served for 4 years, 1 year being Vice President and 2 years being President, and the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.  Chris was a nominee for the 2011 Athena International Women’s Leadership Award and is the author of  Choosing the Life You Were Born to Live,” and “Breaking Free: Overcoming Self-Sabotage,” as well as several published journals articles and blogs.

Chris lives in Scottsdale, AZ and has two grown daughters and a grandson.