Cast Aside All Doubt

by:  Ernest Holmes

Cast aside all doubt, O Soul of mine, and be unafraid, for Thy power is from On High.
He who sitteth in the heavens shall be Thy champion;
Thou need not fear; Come forth, O Spirit, from within and express Thyself through me and let not my doubts hinder Thy approach.
My faith shall go forth to meet Thee, and my confidence shall embrace Thee.
My waiting thought shall bid Thee welcome to my house of Love,
And joy shall accompany us through the ages yet to come.
I lay aside all fear and doubt.

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Chris Sopa is the founder of Chris Sopa International, a company dedicated to inspiring human potential, self-leadership and self-worth. Chris is known for her expertise in organizational change and behavior and performance enhancement and motivation in companies throughout the globe. Chris has a Bachelors Degree in Biology, Pre-Medicine from Bowling Green State University and a Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Go to for more information.

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